CAMS National Series GT Class

Vehicles eligible for the various classes in the CAMS National Series “Australian GT Championship” may also be invited to run in VSCRC Sports Cars. The technical regulations for these vehicles (referred to as AGT) are published on an annual basis by CAMS and can be found by searching the CAMS web-site for relevant details under the heading “Bulletins” found here …  AGT vehicles must continue to comply with the specification defined in the CAMS AGT series documentation when competing in the VSCRC and it is the entrants responsibility to provide the relevant specification document for their car to ensure compliance with technical specification can be verified.  Should such a document not be available when requested by an event scrutineer or PSCRV Committee member, then that entrant/vehicle will be able to (continue to) compete at that meeting, BUT will not be eligible for VSCRC series points at the meeting at which the request is made.