Production Sports Car Racing Victoria Club Championship

The PSCRV Championship runs within the Sports Car category in the VSCRC, as follows:


  1. The Club Championship is open to financial members of PSCRV only.

  2. Declaration of  vehicle class must be made annually on the current years membership renewal.

  3. Points are not transferable between classes.

  4. The PSCRV Club Championship will be run over the 4 rounds of VSCRC Race meetings (or other race meetings at the discretion of the PSCRV Committee)



Class 1

National Series (Australian GT series – “AGT”) vehicles being Sports Cars in compliance with an FIA-GT3 or FIA-GT4 homologation document accepted by CAMS for competition in the Australia GT Championship.  Any “Invited Group 2A” cars will be included in this class.  Any vehicle nominated for Class 2 below and subsequently found not to be in compliance with Class 2 requirements will be included in Class 1.


Class 2

Vehicles which are presented for competition in compliance with the CAMS Group 2B regulations or the FIA-GT4 class in the AGT.  Note that any parts eligible for a particular vehicle in AGT (GT3 or GT4) may not be eligible on the same vehicle if it is entered under the Group 2B regulations - particularly in reference to GT3-specification front, underfloor and rear aero devices.  Any vehicle nominated for Class 3 below and found not to be in compliance with the requirements for that class (Group 2F, Sa, Sb, Sc, Group T or 944 Challenge) will be included in this class.


Class 3

Vehicles which are presented for competition in compliance with the CAMS Group 2F, CAMS 5th Category Groups Sa, Sb and Sc, CAMS 5th Category Group T regulations as well as Porsche 944 Vehicles complying with the requirements of the Porsche 944 Challenge specification document.


It is intended that entrants of vehicles under FIA homologation papers will supply a copy of the relevant FIA homologation documentation and be able to demonstrate the compliance of their vehicle with the homologation specification at their first race meeting and from time-to-time (as called for in the relevant NCRs).


The PSCRV point-score for Sports Cars is based upon that used historically by the VSCRC organisers, save that PSCRV will sponsor a “trophy” which recognises the most successful “class” entrant within the context of a modified class-based point-score as follows:


a)      Allocate points per the organisers 2013 series regulations for “support’ races, for entrants, by class (Class 1, first finisher receives 20 points, as does Class 2 first finisher as well as Class 3 first finisher) for all races.


b)      Each finisher has supplementary points added to points scored per a) above, such that one additional point is awarded for each car in an entrants class that crosses the control behind it.  If there are ten vehicles in a class, then the lead vehicle scores 20 for first in class, plus another 9 to recognise that they finished in front of 9 other vehicles in the class, second in class scores 19 points, plus 8 for finishing in front of 8 other vehicles in the class and so on.


In order to encourage eligibility criteria compliance, the onus is placed on entrants to demonstrate compliance with category rules, failing which they will be scored in the next higher class.


With this class-based structure, the PSCRV Committee seeks to recognise the efforts of club-level racers who cannot hope to compete for outright honours against AGT cars given the gap in performance characteristics between classes 1 and 3.